Enter The 5th Dimension


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ivonahora thumbnail
ivonahora A rare insight into the infancy of the modern kings of progressive music. Interesting to hear some of the cool sections that didn't make it into Restoration. A must-listen for fans of Haken. Favorite track: Souls.
Chandre71 thumbnail
Chandre71 I love this incredible demo! Every track is a gem, mostly of all Snow and Sleeping thoughts wake
Christian Nerland
Christian Nerland thumbnail
Christian Nerland An interesting dip into a band in their starting fase, a must listen for all fans! Favorite track: Sleeping Thoughts Wake.
Dennis Radaelli
Dennis Radaelli thumbnail
Dennis Radaelli A real gem. I remember back in 2008/09 when I discover the demo on MySpace and I was hooked by the craziness and insane music in the six tracks.
I'm so happy the band officially release the demo today to all of those who were never able to buy the physical CDr. Favorite track: Black Seed.
Lo-Fi Sea Shanties to Plunder to
Lo-Fi Sea Shanties to Plunder to thumbnail
Lo-Fi Sea Shanties to Plunder to A grittier take on Haken, you can see how they got to Aquarius,
Competent progressive rock. Favorite track: Manifolds.
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Blind 11:40
Take away my vision Shine your darkest light into my eyes I'm blind to your obsession You hide your weakness behind cold confession Forgive me father for I have sinned Just take a look What a mess your faith has put you in I can feel no guilt When the eye of the storm is blind to what is wrong Inside my mind I once believed indefinitely And I could forgive myself Take away my wisdom Place your darkest thoughts into me Take away my vision Shine your darkest light into my eyes You're cold and I'm corroding You're blind to my weakness for someone all knowing How can I believe when I've not seen? Just take a look What a mess my faith has put me in Still I feel no guilt When the eye of the storm is blind to what is wrong Inside my mind I once believed indefinitely When I could forgive myself Take away my vision Shine your darkest light into me Take away my vision Place your darkest thoughts into my mind Now I feel the guilt When the eye of the storm is wise to what I've done Inside my mind I will believe indefinitely But I can't forgive myself
Black Seed 05:53
Thirsty seeds won't grow Without celestial flow From the flood of the earth Or tears of the gods Bring forth life Burning tree Ash in the breeze Land on fire Human desire for rising flames Blackened remains All is still Rising through the earth And let the light summon birth Reaching arms to the sun Or beckoned by God Brings forth life Falling tree Death in the leaves Land in pain All in vain of Wounded hearts Scattered remains All is still Life Endless paradise Bound to the destined demise Come alive Dancing in the wind Beauty tainted by sin Sin of man don't bite The hand that feeds Respect the tree that Gives you air to breathe Resist the need To feed the black seed of human greed Is the curse that holds us in its grasp But nature will prevail Will nature prevail? Only time will tell if nature will prevail! Endless paradise Bound to a destined demise I'm still alive Dancing in the wind Beauty tainted by sin Tainted by sin Standing free Hope in the trees Breath of life Nature's desire for healing scars The forest remains All is still
Manifolds 07:34
Shades of grey shape the room in which she lies Raindrops on the windowpane keep her awake Shade of her mind shape the world she sees Lose in fading daylight She entered her dreams Tears of the fire cascade from the sea The sound falling through the earth Pulls me to its core Free me from this black hole Help me regain control of my reality Sleeping thoughts wake My visions oppressing me Trapped inside this raging mind Drawn between opposing worlds She abhorred her lost soul Tears of the earth cascade from the sea The sound falling through the fire Pulls me to its core Splintered Fragmented heart Spirits are torn apart She lost her reality Sleeping thoughts wake And entered her fantasy Where am I? What is this feeling? My sleeping thoughts awakening When will my conscious thoughts sleep? I'm alive in my dreams In my dreams I am free Wonders I have never heard I see a magical world below Let your senses become one For the first time I am now awake I don't want to go This is not the end When can i return? Will I see you again? Drawn back to this wretched world She abhorred her lost soul Tears from the sea cascade from the earth and fire Falling through the sound Pulls me to its core This is not the end...
Souls 07:47
Draw back the curtain there is light Our mystery shall be revealed Like a raindrop falling from the sky We'll merge with the ocean of souls Nothing in the distance Can't you see your journey's end? Only existing as a memory Life is free Make the most of what'cha got before it costs Fly with the wind Don't be chained down by your doubts Plant the seed feed the need that grows inside you And we will never turn to stone Our spirit will travel beyond If you're searching for the answers You will find there is no proof Fear the void it waits Bound by man's fate Flesh will rot inside the tomb No return from death Embrace the end Solitary entrapment Souls cascade Tim dissolves Embrace your fate Elevate ascend beyond your mind Submerge with the stream of life From this mortal zenith we inhale We gaze on the valley of life Every day must close I have turned to stone Existing as a memory Tim dictates our end White light pulls me Shines on my memory Intrigue draws me Mortal mystery Mist engulfs me Clouds our history Elation guides me Senses in harmony Mist engulfs my senses
Snow 13:12
Mind open wide as I awake I sense a change within the air Hope fills my soul I realise Rising to see what lies ahead Frost tainted pain calling my name Come and feel what I can see Frozen tears come to me Echoes of a long lost memory Gift of winter's dance Angels floating down Dancing alone I celebrate Cascades of white exhilarate Breath dissipates into the mist Fingers of ice creep onto me I feel the chill sneak into me Come and hear what I can see Someone's calling me Snow is falling, angels falling free Winter's dance is here Come to me mortal Feel the wrath of winter Hear me, set me free Spread my misery Frozen land be still Feel the wrath of winter Curse thee, ever be Under my spell for eternity Feel my rage The anger within Fear my need To rip you apart I will climb To set things right Your curse Won't pass As long as I stand I have risen victorious Seasons will return Sun unleash your light Guide me to my home Rays of golden light Praise! The new beginning has arrived Seeds of nature grow I see roots of change break through The curse of the snow The sky is open wide Bring me floods of liquid light! Sun has returned Spreading light and warmth around us Celebrate till the end And the land will grow again Burn fire burn Light the faces of the elders As we dance, as we sing Celebrating till the end Wine overflows From the barrels of the vineyards As we drink, as we smoke And the herbs will grow again Drunk with delight Where the laughter is contagious Rivers flow, flowers grow And the land is born again Peace at last Curse has passed Seasons flow We run free Time restored Winter waits When it calls We'll embrace


This is the original 2007-08 demo, self-released by the band, sold at shows and sent out to fans back in the early days. We hope you enjoy this rare piece, which includes photographs, lyrics and a concert listing all from that period in Haken's history.

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released January 1, 2008

Richard Henshall - guitar and keyboard
Matthew Marshall - guitar
Tom MacLean - bass
Pete Jones - keyboard
Ross Jennings - vocals
Ray Hearne - drums


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HAKEN London, UK

This page is dedicated to one-off special releases, bonus tracks and bootleg recordings which are otherwise unavailable throughout our official discography.

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